You are recommended drugs for weight loss?

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Side effects of weight loss drugs

When you suffer from overweight or obese what you want most is to lose weight, and in many cases at all costs, even taking medications. But are recommended? and what side effects they produce are

First, it is important to say that the approach of overweight and obesity is different in many cases, although it is always necessary to start with a low calorie diet, harmonious, balanced and tailored to your needs.

In a high percentage of people who are overweight diet, changes in eating habits and physical exercise are the solution to lose weight in a healthy and effective way. However, there are people suffering from obesity who may need medication to supplement a dietary treatment to achieve burn fat and lose weight.

9431871-botella-de-medicina-para-leer-la-etiqueta-de-manoThroughout history, people have used different drugs to lose weight, some of them removed from the market because of side effects. Within this group are amphetamine and sibutramine. Both drugs can cause severe side effects, which in some cases have resulted in death.

Unfortunately, these products can be achieved by other different pathways to health or prescription, can be part of some weight loss supplements that are promoted as natural. It is therefore important to know what side effects cause for vigilance.

Undesirable effects on health

Difficulty sleeping
Dry mouth
Nausea and vomiting
Loss of appetite
Trouble speaking
Difficulty breathing
As you can read, lose weight through medications can be dangerous and therefore should have the right prescription to regular monitoring.

Today, one of the drugs that are prescribed for weight loss is orlistat, a drug that prevents absorption of fat in the intestine. This may require a prescription and is used to complement a low calorie diet and daily physical activity. This medicine should only be consumed until you lose the expected weight, after this you must include healthy eating habits.

If you suffer from obesity it is important that, before taking any consult medication with your doctor, there are many deals on supplements and / or medications for weight loss, but all that glitters is not gold and can cause many health problems and have many contraindications.

Medications should only be provided by a doctor.

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