You know how the refined sugar manufactured?

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A food that loses all the good that was in his way

Refined or white sugar is one of the foods most commonly used to sweeten foods so as to enhance their flavor. However it is one of the least recommended not only in weight loss diets, but in any kind of food. Learn more about her and manufacture in this article.

Considered one of the five white poisons, refined sugar is merely the result of a chemical process. Same with sea salt with respect to the refined, or white flour with whole. White sugar does nothing to remove the properties and qualities cane extract, with an intermediate process that results in mascabo sugar, which, with much moderation is recommended to sweeten your meals.

12820358-a-tanto-alzado-pila-de-az-car-aisladosSome questions to consider about the process of white sugar and their effect on the body

The sugar mascabo have fewer calories, also offers vitamins A, B, potassium, magnesium and iron. In addition, white sugar does more than provide carbohydrates and empty calories.
Refined sugar for by an arduous process before becoming what it is. It has two parts in which different products, sugar masbaco, blonde, brown and white are obtained. The first is the mascabo or cane sugar, then cleaning and separation of crystals resulting brown sugar, then go through a similar process that gives the white sugar, together with other derivatives and reused as the rum is made and molasses. Moreover refined sugar also a process for filtering and crystallization, clarification and a new filtration.
Meanwhile brown sugar, although it is halfway through the process, it is often only refined sugar with brown coloring, so be careful. It is best to purchase sugar mascabo block to trust the product, but remember it is better to consume the least amount of sugar, but white is terminally prohibited.
So much so that it is considered a poison and even a drug because it is not a food, but a chemical that can even addictive Unsatisf without nutrients and empty calories that do nothing to sweeten without any health benefit.
While it seems easy to eliminate from the diet when coffee or make your own desserts, remember that it is hidden in industralizados sodas and other foods. And that is addictive.

This fake food is considered one of the main culprits of obesity and overweight worldwide led to consider laws banning its use in various products as addictive, the level of any other substances under as alcohol, drugs or tobacco. This is the result of hypoglycemia, which causes the body to ask for sugar.
This product enters the saguíneo stream and causes insulin to be secreted in greater quantity, converting glucose into fat. Too much of this substance accelerates aging and damages the skin by its action on collagen.
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Not only it does not provide any kind of nutrients, but also harms those already obtained in the process of assimilation in the body. Besides its consumption it is usually associated with poor diet and little variety. Not to mention the problems caused by sugar in the teeth, with the famous and hated caries. For that matter, is your daily consumption of sugar is as close to zero as possible.

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