3 Remedies to lose weight and purify the kidneys

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7372868-pila-de-rodajas-de-pepino-fresco-de-verde-org-nicoDiuretic plants to cleanse the body

Many people have trouble losing weight due to their kidney complications. Those who do not have agile renal area, retain too much fluid, causing swelling and an unsatisfactory effect to lose weight. In addition, it is always important to purify such an important area of ​​the body, to pamper it so that it works in the best possible way. For this very reason, maybe some of these diuretic remedies will come in handy.

Here are three good remedies for slimming and cleansing the kidneys:

Diuretic remedy of Jamaica flower: This plant, also known as hibiscus in many parts, has great capacities to stimulate the diuresis and thus to eliminate retained liquids. It is highly depurative and, in the remedy that arises in the link, is also combined with elements such as melon.

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Cucumber and Pineapple Remedy: Another highly diuretic combination. Both the cucumber and the pineapple are very good to make work the kidneys and, by the way, to clean them. In addition, the fruit gives you a good dose of fiber for your body.
Diuretic Remedy of Corn Beards: That kind of hairs that have the corn plant are great for detoxifying the kidneys, removing retained liquids and thus being able to lose weight. In this case, the remedy is complemented by the ponytail and, if not, the cucumber.

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