3 satiating infusions to lose weight fast

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10009877-teaHow to lose weight faster with the help of plants

The first step to lose weight quickly is to control appetite. If you are hungry all the time, not only will the diet become a real torture, but also, you will be a tris of throwing everything overboard. For such reason, resort to the help of infusions of satiating plants, is something to keep in mind if you are dieting.

Take note of these 3 satiating infusions that will take away your hunger, helping you to lose weight quickly:

Plantain infusion: Plantago or plantain stands out for its properties against constipation, as it speeds up intestinal transit. However, it also has satiating effects, thanks to its richness in mucilages, so it will be very useful to calm your appetite.

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Infusion of fucus: Like most algae, fucus has a great satiating effect, however, this is not its only benefit. In addition, it is an important source of iodine, so it stimulates your thyroid gland, speeding up the metabolism, which will allow you to lose weight more quickly.
Irish Moss Infusion: Finally, Irish moss or lichen, is a red algae, which consumed in infusion, has many properties that will help you to lose weight. Not only is it satiating, thanks to the mucilages it contains, but it also reduces the absorption of fats and has laxative effects.
Other 3 satiating infusions that may interest you:

Burdock infusion
Amaranth infusion

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