4 Infusions slimming for the winter

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10009877-teaLosing weight with red tea, cinnamon, citrus and rosemary

The cold lends itself to consuming hot infusions that, incidentally, help maintain the figure. Do you want to lose weight at this time of year? Well then you have only to take into account some of these four proposals, which go great with the low temperatures.

Winter is a time of year where many forget their figure. The amounts of clothing cover the excesses and many believe that it reaches. But do not neglect the line ever. In addition, it is a perfect time to consume very hot tea and thus mitigate the cold.

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So, why not consume some good steaming drinks that, in addition, help you to take away some kilos with their properties? You can really try many options. Here you can see some that will give you a hand to lose weight and, in addition, will go great with the low temperatures.

Here are 4 good slimming teas for winter:

Red tea with ginger and cinnamon: Pu-erh is one of the great slimming teas that exist. Already in itself, its taste and aroma are wonderful for winter. And the touch of ginger and cinnamon makes you feel even better at this great drink. It will help you lose weight with your extra ingredients and, overall, you will get a great winter drink.
Citrus infusion: If you love mandarin and lemon, then this is your infusion for this winter, where you also have cinnamon and sage inside the ingredients. It is perfect to deflate and clean the body, as it has carminative properties.
Rosemary Infusion: While it is a classic aromatic plant, almost confined to the world of cooking, rosemary has interesting slimming properties to offer you. Not only is it good against anxiety, but it is also cleansing and digestive. In addition, its strong flavor goes very well for those days of low temperatures. You should try to try it.
Cinnamon Tea and Laurel: This is a classic within home remedies for weight loss and undoubtedly fits the winter wonderfully. The taste of cinnamon goes great with this season. And its fat burning properties never lose their validity.

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