5 fat flavors

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9894543-verde-de-perejilWhen to eat tasty slim

Far from insipid and boring diets, eating tasty is not only enjoyable, it is also slimming. Learn how to flavor your light meals and you can enjoy the good table despite the diet, while stimulating the burning of fats. Take note of these 5 fat flavors and incorporate them into your everyday dishes.

Garlic: If you like its flavor do not deprive yourself of incorporating it into your meals. Garlic is an excellent depurative and detoxifying, stimulant of intestinal motility and diuretic. At the same time, it is very good if in addition to being overweight, you have diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol.

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Onion: Famous for its fat-burning diet, the onion can not be missing from your light menu, either raw in salads or cooked in soups and other dishes, this bulb is a true panacea for slimming eating tasty.

Pepper: Because of its thermogenic properties, the pepper is not left behind. It is ideal to promote digestion, while promoting the burning of fats. When you use it in the kitchen, you will completely change the taste of your meals.

Parsley: What about parsley! Diuretic, desinflamante, digestive. A unique touch of flavor with slimming properties offered by nature.

Cinnamon: Finally, another thermogenic that can not miss your diet sweets. Not only will it satisfy your appetite, but it will also help you burn fat.

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