7 meals to activate the metabolism in the morning

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11141018-desayuno-saludableEat a good breakfast helps to have a full day

Are you one of those who does not eat anything in the morning? Discover in this article why it is important to start the day well fed and how this can help you lose weight.

Surely since childhood you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? The truth is that this statement makes sense because the body needs different nutrients to deal with all the day’s activities without fail.

But also by providing the body from morning enough material to develop the energy you need, you will get the benefit of midmorning do not require food again, and will help you not ingest calories or other carbohydrates.

Experts on the subject say that the secret to speed up the metabolism in the morning is to include healthy food, easily digestible, low-fat breakfast.

In short, you have the option of:

Feed nutritionally balanced as to face the day energized and balanced.
No breakfast or feed with snacks and drinks for stimulating a little while to feel sluggish, tired, hungry and anxious.
To avoid having to eat at midmorning, accumulating weight and instead stimulate your metabolism, nothing better to choose foods carefully PUE you include in your breakfast. Do not you have any idea what might be? Look at the list below.

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Food to activate the metabolism in the morning

1. Eggs

They are a great source of protein, omega-3 oils, B vitamins and amino acids that provide the energy needed to activate the muscles to work during the day. Eggs also contain iron and chromium. The first stimulates and increases the metabolism and on the other hand, chromium regulates sugar levels in the blood, helping to keep you satisfied longer. At breakfast consume is common: hard, scrambled or poached. What is your favorite way to eat them?

2. Oatmeal

There are many reasons to eat oatmeal in the morning, according to some studies, can be very good for the heart and its high fiber content, is also working to keep more satisfied stomach during the day. In addition, it can help lower cholesterol.

For breakfast, a good idea might be eating oats with a little linseed, fruit, yogurt or nuts in granola.

3. Yogurt, milk and cheese

Low-fat dairy products provide plenty of protein, which helps increase metabolism naturally. In addition, they lighten digestion, preventing stomach and gastrointestinal ailments.

4. The avocado

It is a famous food for its high content of healthy fats, especially monounsaturated fats, B vitamins, protein, fiber and chrome. These nutrients will help to help keep you full longer and stimulate the metabolism to work more quickly.

During breakfast, a good portion is to consume a quarter of avocado.
5. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits bring your breakfast to give you the necessary extra energy boost in the morning vitamins. On the other hand, it is also known its high content of fiber and antioxidants; two essential components that metabolism needs to do its job effectively.

As for vegetables, in the mornings especially on hot days, it can be a good idea to eat some tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots in salad morning-splashing lemon juice for an extra boost of vitamins and flavor.

6. Whole grains

When you want to burn more calories throughout the day, nothing better than to eat a good portion of grains early in the morning. They are an excellent source of nutrients and also an amazing accelerator of metabolism, and that meet the needs of complex carbohydrates and protein to the body all day.

7. Green smoothies

These tasty and nutritious ready, able to maintain the level of blood sugar stable, due to high levels of chromium and fiber they contain. On the other hand, they promote leanness and improve digestion since they are basically alkaline, thereby maintaining your healthy metabolism.

Being rich in chlorophyll, also help detoxify your body. To prepare a beaten easily, place spinach leaves in a blender, a sprig of celery, some berries and milk or yogurt for protein. Add a little stevia if you prefer, Blend all and drink!

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