8 Plants against stretch marks

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9964281-shea-butter8 plants for stretch marks

Some plants can become great allies to treat aesthetic beauty problems that are very closely related with the increase and decrease in weight. Stretch marks, of course, is one of those problems that arise from more than one does not want. Anyway, you can avail yourself of any of these 8 floors and derivatives thereof that will help fight this imperfection.

Stretch marks are one of the most common beauty problems, related to the increase and decrease in weight. Is that the skin, the effect of contraction and / or expansion, cracks, generating those nasty cracks that both men and women want to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, plants and their derivatives are always on the agenda to combat this kind of problems. Do not stop to consider these recommendations to begin to implement them.

These are 8 floors and derivatives thereof that will help you fight against stretch marks:

Almond oil, this: No doubt almonds may turn out to be good to combat stretch marks. Of course, the best way is to do it through the almond oil. The high content of vitamin E that has this product is perfect to restore the qualities of chapped skin.

Aloe vera or aloe vera, infaltable: Do not stop using the enormous benefits of aloe vera or aloe vera for any problems related to the skin, including stretch marks. This recipe to remove stretch marks, which has to this plant as the main ingredient, it may be what you need to restore your skin that lost elasticity.

Avocado, another ally eternal: avocado or avocado also can be a good plant to fight stretch marks. Its content of fatty acids very beneficial for the skin may go well. It also has a good content of collagen. Try avocado mask, where it is combined with aloe vera and olive oil, and see that it is not a bad idea.

Do not miss the shea butter: It is healing, it brings collagen, elastin and helps the skin to have the necessary nutrition. Anything else for shea butter against stretch marks? No longer will you ask for …

Cocoa butter, will also help: Another very nutritious option for your skin. In this recipe combines no less than with avocado and vitamin E. You can go very well to leave your skin accordingly.

Argan oil, anti stretch marks wonder: This oil is becoming increasingly famous in the world of natural cosmetics, due to the enormous ability to regenerate the skin. Girls also has a double effect because it also serves to combat cellulite. Indicadísimo. If you want a homemade recipe based on argan oil against stretch marks, visit this page.

Lavender oil says this: A good oil flowers can be great not only to combat stretch marks, but also to prevent them and, incidentally, perfume the skin. Such is the case of lavender oil, which provides collagen and elastin, two key substances in this whole issue.

Carrots, others can help: Carrot with its carotene and good general properties for the skin, can be combined without any problems with almond oil and generate a kind of mask that will help improve elasticity your skin and thus combat stretch marks.

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