Cleansing cures to lose weight and detox

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12674781-lemon-watherMany people are trying to lose weight in a healthy way, carrying a healthy diet and doing different workouts, but there comes a time when the weight does not decrease and for this reason we feel disillusioned, because despite the efforts we see the results we want.

This stagnation in weight loss may be due to many factors, but the most common is the lack of cleanliness of our body and it is for this reason that we must detoxify our body to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the liver (Visit also : 4 drinks to cleanse the liver) and digestive system.

Home remedy to detoxify the body and lose Pesoa As these toxins are deposited in the intestine, liver and kidneys, also prevents other important nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins enter the body, besides weight loss stops, by the presence of toxins which cause inflammation, I’ve prevents cells of the body eliminate fat molecules, so today I will give you a home remedy to detoxify the body and lose weight.

Among the benefits that make this natural detoxification they are: eliminating headaches, bad breath, high cholesterol, slow digestion, digestive problems, white spots on the skin and lose weight expelling toxins and accumulated fats ( also visit: 3 juices to cleanse the colon naturally)

How to detoxify the body naturally and effectively

This home to detoxify the body and lose weight you should take medicine for 7 nights, half an hour before going to bed and you only need three ingredients:

Two tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Juice of half a lemon
Half a glass with water
To prepare this home remedy, you simply mix all ingredients and drink this mixture half an hour before going to bed, for 7 days.

If you are looking to clean your colon and lose weight in a short time, I recommend you visit our article juice to cleanse the colon and lose weight in 7 days.


It is important that while doing this detox, take healthy eating, walking away from coffee, alcohol, fats, sodas and soft drinks.

During the day it is advisable to drink plenty of water, vegetable juices or natural fruit sugar, tea or herbal teas.

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