Are juices effective fat burning diet?

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12327772-naturaleza-muerta-con-varios-de-frutas-frescas-y-un-vaso-de-jugo-de-sobre-mesa-de-madera-azulA food that can be misleading

Are you a regular user of juice? These may not always be the best when it comes to losing weight. You’ll learn why if you continue reading this article! 😉

A natural fruit juice may represent how healthy, is tastier than water and does not contain industrial ingredients in soda pop, as added sugar, corn syrup, high fructose and others to unnatural.

Orange juice, apple, to give just a few examples, are part of many breakfasts. This first meal of the day, it is said, it is the most important, also based foods including white flour and classic coffee, which more than once have been questioned.

There is no doubt that a delicious natural juice provides vitamins and minerals your body needs and uses. However, these contributions may not be as beneficial in overweight people.

Why is not the same take to eat the fruit juice

It’s not the same thing to eat the fruit drink their juice, since the squeeze all the fiber, which helps to improve digestion and is one of the most valuable nutrients that can bring you the fruit is removed. At the same time, to consume the juice squeezed components are digested and absorbed quickly, and among these is the dreaded sugar. The metabolic response to this process is different from that obtained by eating the whole fruit.

All these are not assumptions, studies show. In 1977 one in simple graphs showing the comparison between eating fresh apples, mashed and juice, the first being the most satisfying option and the last the least. Similarly it was shown that the blood insulin level was higher in juices, fresh apples while he was the youngest.

The high insulin spikes are an unfavorable factor if you want to prevent and address obesity. In this situation the use of fats as an energy source would be inhibited, resulting in increased weight gain. Years later, a 1981 study showed similar results with oranges, satiety was lower comparing with fruit juice and insulin levels would rise in the same way with apple juice.

While other data say that at a certain group of women increased by about the same amount of kilos but take roughly fruit juices. This would mean that there would be such a strong relationship between fruit juice consumption and weight gain.

In conclusion, according to studies surveyed the natural fruit juice consumed in moderation is not specifically bad for weight loss. However, you should choose to eat the whole fruit to leverage their fiber, stimulate the metabolism, generate a greater sense of satiety and reduce insulin peaks.

If you want to drink fruit juices, always choose natural, which are extracted directly from the fruit. Industrial juices have added unwanted and rarely have more than 5% of “natural” juice (of dubious origin).

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