Benefits epazote to deflate the belly

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descarga (8)Epazote or paico can help you deflate your belly

You can suffer belly swollen for several reasons, is primarily due to poor digestion (eat fast or by choosing your food). Stress and emotions can also influence this common problem.

Many herbs and roots to digestive, such as lemon balm and ginger. But there is a forgotten herb epazote. Native to Central America, it is very popular in Mexico and can be found in many native dishes, and is an ancient natural remedy.

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Why is it good or epazote paico

Epazote tea (also known as Mexican tea) will help to remove gases, but can also use it in recipes with ingredients that occur to prevent. For example, if you are eating a stew with beans, add some epazote in your recipe. Do not overdo it, the strong flavor and can ruin your food.

It is also anti-inflammatory, so you can apply it in your belly compresses to relieve discomfort and used externally. It will not be as effective as taking it, but the heat of the warm infusion will relax and you can easily remove gases.

It is a plant that has good digestive action in general and help you in your diet for these reasons. For example, if you eat a lot of fiber, because you are much crudivegano or like raw vegetables, because then they can come in handy if you get gas or cost you a little digestion. It can work well to deflate, in every way.

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Preparing an infusion of epazote

Prepare your infusion with half cup of fresh grass per liter of water.
If you think unpleasant taste can mix the epazote with other digestive herbs such as anise, chamomile or fennel.
Boil for 5 mimutos and then allowed to stand. Drink warm.
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Secondary effects

 Side effects have been observed in children, therefore is not recommended that they consume, the same goes for pregnant women. Nor can you use if you suffer from liver problems, kidney failure, heart disease or gastritis.
While this is an ancient remedy, transmitted from mother to child for generations, currently its use is questioned due to side effects when consumed in excess.
In adults you should avoid using more than one cup a week. If you suffer from abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, do not use it more and go immediately to an emergency room.

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