Calcarea carbonic, a homeopathic remedy for weight loss

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A good homeopathic medicine to increase metabolsimo

Want to try a new homeopathic remedy for weight loss? Then do not miss calcarea carbonic, a remedy particularly suitable for those who suffer from hypothyroidism and slow metabolism problems.

Losing weight is something highly desired by more than one, and there are several natural treatments and exercises that help to achieve this task. Never forget that nothing is magic on the way to lose those extra kilos, but that is a task for every day in which you should not give up. But there are always some things that may help you, such as homeopathy.

Within it, calcarea carbonic is one of the most common homeopathic remedior diet. This is derived from the shells of oysters, which is ground and dissolved. This is one of the main homeopathic remedies for weight loss and reduce obesity.

The main symptom for which it is recommended this remedy is excessive sweating, mainly in the head, which usually attract attention at night, when the person wakes up with wet pillow.
Eating habits are also part of the symptoms, for example, egg cravings and children crave strange things like clay and crayons. It is also advisable for people suffering from weight gain thyroid problems.

Other symptoms include:

Subrir tendency to bone fractures and difilcultad to heal.

Bleeding gums.
Back and joint pain.
Depression and anxiety.
Moodiness and lack of appetite.
Irregular menstrual cycle can also be abundant.
Headaches, cold, heat or overeating.
Cold and nasal congestion. Dry cough, chest pain.
Chronic fatigue.
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This medication is recommended in cases of excess fat metabolism albdomen and when you are working at a low rate, which results in weight gain, sagging and constipation.

Diluting the remedy is taken and taking the recommended amount and frequency for each case. Consult a homeopathic specialist to orient you when taking this remedy. Remember that there are no magic solutions, and although calcarea carbonic can help you lose weight, you must also change your diet to a low fat and physical activity several times a week.

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