Can I take garlic tea to lower triglycerides and weight?

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Properties of garlic to lose weight and lower triglycerides

Garlic is a bulb plant that is known since ancient times for its medicinal properties, this is not only consumed but also naturally in tea. Many of these properties are related to the slimming properties and lower triglycerides. Do you want to take advantage? Do not miss this article.

Since ancient times garlic bulb is known and recognized for its therapeutic benefits. This not only can be consumed in fresh form or used topically, but also as a tea.

Before you know how to prepare this tea, it is important to know how does the garlic to lower triglycerides and lose weight. Both hypertriglyceridemia and overweight are two risk factors that often occur together and that affects the quality of life of the sufferer.

24808639-ajo-org-nicoGarlic has sulfur compounds that interfere with the formation of triglycerides and cholesterol leveling and normalizing the blood lipid profile. This coupled with lowering blood pressure help prevent atherosclerosis (a disease that can cause cardiovascular disease).

In addition, garlic has antioxidant properties, cleansing and detoxifying that can help you lose weight. Also, this vegetable helps to remove excess fluid from the body, considered diuretic plant.

Both benefits can get the garlic preparing tea, which you can add some other ingredients that enhance the reduction of triglycerides and weight.

Garlic tea recipe


2 cups water.
3 cloves garlic, crushed with mortar.
1 piece of ginger root powder.


Boil the water and add the minced garlic with ginger.
Boil for 10 minutes and let stand for another 10 minutes.
Strain and add a teaspoon of lemon or orange zest.

You can drink two cups. A cup before breakfast and another after dinner.

Remember, this natural remedy can supplement treatment for weight loss and lower triglycerides, but does not replace it.

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