cardamom slimming properties

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7836397-cardamomDigestive spice that reduces the stomach

Spices can also help you lose weight. One of these spices are cardamom, which has slimming and digestive properties that reduces belly.

Cardamom is an oriental popular spice, used to prepare various dishes of traditional Indian cuisine. Not only it provides a special aroma and flavor to foods; but it provides other properties that can help you lose weight and lose weight.

This species has natural substances that promote weight loss, reduce fluid retention and increase fat burning. Apparently its components, improve digestion, increasing the digestive metabolism, which can be reflected in the reduction of abdominal inflammation.

For these digestive properties that help you reduce your belly, you can make tea cardamom. To do this, place 1 teaspoon freshly ground seeds in a cup of boiling water. Let stand for 10 minutes and schools. This infusion can drink up to 3 times per day.

To have better benefits, we suggest drinking it half an hour before each main meal.

In addition cardamom other spices that can help you lose weight, such as coriander, cayenne pepper and cinnamon, among others there. You can even combine different thinners and prepare infusions, and so get other properties, such as sedative properties.

Sometimes eat fast and slow digestion are factors that undermine the thinning process, so a spice like cardamom can be very useful. Similarly, if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you can help counteract the symptoms of this disease, which sometimes appear next to overweight.

Remember that it is important that you incorporate both cardamom and other spices to a slimming diet low in calories but balanced. This way you’ll earn more benefits to help you lose belly.

If you have any questions regarding the consumption of cardamom, do not forget to consult your doctor.

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