Carrot mask for grooves

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Homemade carrot mask against stretch marks

A mask of carrot can be a good way to combat stretch marks, such as cosmetic problem common in people who have lost or gained weight suddenly. Here’s how the properties of this plant, together with the imponderable help from the rest of the ingredients, it may be an interesting way to deal with this problem. You just have to try the recipe.

Without any doubt, stretch marks are usually one of the most common aesthetic problems of those suffering from an increase or decrease of weight very abrupt. This produces a stretching of the skin, causing ending this common and troublesome drawback simultaneously.

22020462-manojo-de-zanahorias-frescas-sobre-fondo-de-madera-de-la-vendimiaFor this reason, no choice but to keep fighting against them, however difficult that may turn out to be to remove. Nature can give an interesting help in this regard. Why do not you dare to try this mix of carrots, oat bran, almond oil and olive?


A carrot
Two tablespoons of oat bran
One tablespoon of almond oil
A tablespoons olive oil

Place carrot cut into pieces in the glass of a blender.
Then add oats, also almond oil and olive oil. Beat until you preparation is perfectly integrated.
Massage well the area affected by stretch marks and then applies this carrot mask, leave on for 20 minutes. Then remove with cold water.
Please repeat the application a few times a week.
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What do you get this mask?

The oils are wonderful: Both olive oil such as almond are perfect to fight stretch marks because they give skin elasticity and strength to turn that help regenerate.
The carrot nourishes your skin and gives carotene: Carrots are not only the basis of this mask, but is also a highly nutritious ingredient, beta-carotene and give elasticity to the skin, and some vitamins.
Bran is good scrub: The touch of oat bran wonders will come to phase layers of dead cells that may be on such streaks.
You can also add aloe vera, avocado and vitamin E: Any of these three ingredients is good and nourishing for your skin, and very suitable to fight stretch marks. Do not let them into account if they are right at home.

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