Chia water to cleanse the body and reduce fat

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16309010-Chia-waterChia seed is becoming an ally for weight loss and fight numerous health problems

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is possible, achieving a healthy diet accompanied by physical activity, for this reason we must find foods that provide us the most benefit and to provide us with essential nutrients for a healthy life. Today we will know the benefits of chia seed, many ask us about your benefits and preparation, so we will know.

At present chia seed is grown in several countries of America and Oceania, where we can find only two countries (Australia and Bolivia) crops and certified productions that achieve a seed high-chia in Omega 3, this does not mean that only these two countries cultivate chia seeds on the other hand we find other countries that cultivate it, you can find different types of chia seeds but not everyone has the same nutritional value so always ask about their origin and their nutritional value. For example, in Mexico it is grown, but when compared with the Bolivian chia seed, the latter has a higher concentration of omega-3.

Chia seeds are amazing to lose weight, but not only are used for weight loss, their benefits are many, so let’s start with this list of 11 benefits of chia seed.

We know the 11 most amazing benefits of chia seeds

Chia seed is considered a satiating food, which helps control anxiety by eating.
Chia seed is high in omega 3, which helps transport nutrients to the body and thus helps improve metabolism and allowing eliminate excess body fat volume.
Chia seed benefits the functioning of the heart and brain due to its high content of omega-3 is capable of reducing blood cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.
Chia seeds have anti-cancer effects thanks to omega 3 which helps reduce the chances of getting cancer.
Chia seed contains no gluten.
It has high amounts of calcium, fiber, protein, iron, potassium.
By containing potassium and protein can give a significant input of energy to carry out their activities.
They help improve intestinal transit and digestive system.
Improve muscle development and tissue regeneration.
Regulates blood sugar levels.

Its preparation

With only two tablespoons chia seeds you can get five grams of Omega 3 in the day.
The seed can be consumed not only by mixing in water, you can consume in salads, milk, soups, smoothies, juices, desserts and many others.

For example if you are going to eat them for breakfast, you can prepare your favorite cereal with chia seeds as breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day if you add chia seeds can purchase a supply of energy for daily activities.
Another way to consume chia seeds is to use them in salads, you can simply build your salad and add chia seeds, you will see how to get a delicious food and benefits from all its properties.


To lose weight with chia seeds, it is recommended to take 25 grams of chia seeds a day. As you can consume it in different ways, always consider grams that will be implemented at each meal so that the seeds will help you lose weight and you do not create other problems, always keep in mind that everything in excess is bad and this is no exception.
If you prefer, you can consume half the recommended using the seeds before lunch and food, adding 12.5 grams in juice or a glass of water at lunchtime and another 12.5 grams when the food, you will notice as chia seeds becomes a thick liquid thanks to its soluble fiber, the more you let stand (recommended between 10 to 20 minutes), the greater the effect, remember to drink two liters of water a day , so that the seeds do their job.

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