Citrus infusion to lose weight

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25370129-mosambi-lima-dulce-citrus-limetta-rutaceae-c-tricos-se-tornan-amarillas-cuando-maduran-con-pulpa-de-A good carminative remedy to deflate

Sometimes, natural ingredients have great abilities to help people lose weight. In this case, the recipe in question proposes a citric version. It is an infusion that combines mandarin, lemon, sage and cinnamon. It is great as a digestive, it will help you to deflate, eliminate gases and also purify your body. You just have to put it into practice.

Cup of tea

A liter of water
Half mandarin
Half lemon
Two tablespoons of sage leaves
A piece of cinnamon stick
Sweetener allowed to taste

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Bring the quart of water to a boil and quench the heat as soon as it boils. Place the mandarin (in pieces, with skin) and lemon (in the same way) in a teapot, infusion or pan. It also incorporates sage and cinnamon. Add the water and let stand for five minutes. Strain and thus will be ready to take.

Now you will simply have to sweeten this thinning infusion to your liking, if that’s okay with you. Then, drink throughout the day, starting with a fasting cup, one after each main meal and another before bed. Thus, you will enjoy the benefits of this home remedy.

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