Combinations of herbs for weight loss

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Plant combinations for weight loss

Combining some herbal weight loss can become an excellent idea. Why? Because of these effects can enhance each other and thus give an important aid to shake off those extra kilos. Be sure to know some of the combinations proposed in this paper.

It can cause a problem combining herbs to lose weight?
Have you ever tried any combination of herbs to lose weight? These may come to fill an interesting effect if well focused and if they have ingredients that go well together. Obviously, they will not be a miracle, because if you do diet and exercise, will be very difficult to lose weight. But surely, you may help in this or that circumstance.

Here are some good combinations of herbs for weight loss.

1. Tea cinnamon and bay leaves

This is one of the most common combinations that are used for weight loss. Indeed, this tea is a diet. Cinnamon and bay leaf are two herbs or spices that help much to work the digestive system, which in turn are diuretic and cleansing.

6727471-especias-y-hierbas--boldoYou can see how it is prepared here: cinnamon and bay leaf tea to lose weight

2. Infusion to purify the liver

Boldo, horsetail, and chamomile carqueja. This is a combination that will put you to work wonders for the liver in a good way. You will activate your metabolism and help me, I’ll take care and also good quality to all your digestive gastric system. It is ideal for those who have slow digestion.

Here you can see how: Herbal remedy to purify the liver

3. Green tea and herbal tea ponytail to eliminate retained fluids

If you have problems with fluid retention, which makes you have more weight and feel very bloated, nothing better than having a recipe that has good diuretic properties. This is the case of this remedy, which has green tea, corn silk and other herbs that can help you shake off that makes you feel so heavy.

4. Infusion of passion flower, lemon balm and orange

If your problem (or one of them) is that they suffer from great anxiety about food, nothing better to apply some natural anxiety that too not problems including cause and you can help control these uncontrollable lust for plundering the refrigerator. In this case, the combination is passionflower, orange blossom and lemon balm or lemon balm. It’s perfect for when you grab those attacks that threaten your diet and also tastes great with this very particular orange blossom perfume.

You can see how to prepare this remedy here: Infusion of herbs for anxiety about food


It can cause a problem combining herbs to lose weight?

Often, the best way to take advantage of some plants is making its exclusive use and separately. It is really difficult to determine the interactions that could potentially be among them, for good or bad. For this reason, it is best not to make this kind of herbal combinations if you do not know what is mixing.

There is also a danger rigged: many of these plants, for example, they have strong diuretic action. Combine and consume more, you can generate loss of potassium and sodium, and other minerals in the body. In other cases they not even know how they can react next to each other.

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