Combined herbal slimming

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Homemade tea herbal weight loss combined

Claudia sent us an interesting homemade recipe with herbs for weight loss as their main ingredient. Apparently, it is very simple to prepare and cleansing and detoxifying characteristics of its contents bring good omen for this preparation.

Home recipes for weight loss, based on medicinal herbs, are very attractive. However, sometimes, it is believed that everything natural is good and does no harm. Nothing could be farther from reality. It is prudent to know how to operate each of these herbs, before including them in a combined infusion to avoid consequences that have to regret.

Recipe combined herbal


10009877-floraci-n-en-flor-de-t-verde-en-tetera-de-vidrioBoldo. It is certainly one of the best digestive world. For its choleretic and cholagogue, boldo not only promotes the functioning of your liver, but also conducive to burning fat and bowel movements. Moreover, it also stimulates renal function, which is essential for the detoxification of the body.
Sen. It is otherwise grass with detoxifying and cleansing properties thanks to the action exerted on the digestive tract and urinary system, speed up your intestinal transit and prevent water retention and toxins.
Horsetail. For its part, the ponytail is perhaps the star of diuretics. This is its main benefit when working with your diet to lose weight. Here you will find an effective aid for removing liquids, which drag him toxins that damage your body.
Lemongrass. Also known as lemongrass, among other names, is a plant with antioxidants and carminative properties that will relieve gas and flatulence. As if that were not enough, it has thermogenic effects.
Arnica. Very careful with this plant! While some mentioned their infusions made from flowers, you know that it is very toxic and generally is not indicated domestic consumption, except under strict medical supervision. It could only become secure its homeopathic use in high dilution. Note that the FDA (US Food and Drug) has declared as an unsafe herb by mouth. Although the recipe Claudia inclusion in its formula, it is unclear its contribution to lose weight and instead is very risky consumption. When in doubt, exclúyela or consult your physician if you want to incorporate.

Mint. For their digestive, hepato and fat burning effects, added to the infusion mint is an ideal complement that enhances the action of other herbs, while adding a pleasant and refreshing taste.

In the words of the client, simply take a handful of each herb and put to boil water. If you want to avoid you problems, do not include arnica. Then you take a glass fasting and another at night before going to sleep.

I tried, at least individually with some of these plants? Would you tell us your favorite recipe with plants to lose weight? Well, then you just have to leave us your message.

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