Contraindications of artichoke tea

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14215764-artichokeSide effects of artichoke tea

The artichoke is a widely used in various diets for weight loss, among other things, contain very few calories vegetable. While the infusion or tea is allowed to lose weight, there may be situations in which its use is contraindicated and may have unwanted side effects. In this note we will detail what they are.

The artichoke or artichoke, also known under the scientific name Cynara scolymus, is a vegetable that is used since ancient times for its digestive properties. Today, many of these properties can also help you lose weight.

What properties provides the artichoke to lose weight?

Emulsifies fats. The artichoke contains active ingredients that stimulate the secretion of bile, organic substance that improves the emulsification of fats and removes the body more easily.

Detoxifier. Certain organic substances artichoke carry toxins from the liver to the intestine to eliminate them and promote the slimming process.

Diuretic. This plant has substances that stimulates the production of urine and subsequent disposal.

Now that you know how to act artichoke causing weight loss, it is important to know your potential contraindications and side effects.

What side effects can have artichoke tea?

While infusing tea or artichoke is usually quite safe, it may cause some unwanted health, plant own effects.

allergic processes on different organs, such as skin or gastrointestinal tract.
bloating due to excessive gas production.
abdominal cramps.
Muscle pains.
What can cause contraindications artichoke tea?

Its use is contraindicated in:

People who have kidney stones. The artichoke is a vegetable rich in oxalates (salts which when combined with other form kidney stones)
People suffering from gallstones. Consumption, in all its forms, is contraindicated for those with gallstones, because too much can stimulate the bladder and cause inflammation, triggering biliary colic.

allergy sufferers. Some components of the showerhead can cause allergies in people with genetic predisposition.

pregnant and lactating women. This is because, through its infusion its effects are more intense, therefore it is suggested not to consume or tea or artichoke extract.

Consider what the possible side effects and possible contraindications, helps prevent unwanted complications.

Note that while medicinal plants have many therapeutic properties, they also have unwanted health, which must be taken into account before taking artichoke effects.

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