Contraindications of the Jamaican flower to lose weight

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51857453-flor-de-jamaica-para-el-t-helado-de-hierbas-de-hibisco-bebidas-mexicanasWe have to talk about a suitable plant that allows us to lose weight, but in this subject we will not include the strengths of this flower so we will talk about contraindications of the Jamaican slimming flower that is a magnificent plant that can help us reduce our Weight but also this flower contains enough deficiencies that should be taken into account. Therefore, it is believed to be effective but heavy consumption will harm your body and cause adverse problems later on.

Therefore we will give you the necessary contraindications that can give the Jamaican flower and allow you to advise you to take a primal decision if you are consuming this plant, so these are:

. For every person who consumes it very well man or woman has side effects like miscarriages or for men we do reduce the count of our spermatozoa, therefore consuming enough jamica flower injures our body.

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. We should not consume those who are hypertensive or suffering from antidepressant effects that can damage our nervous system, so we have to worry about those suffering from low blood pressure.

. It has demineralizing effects, because this diuretic plant causes us to generate deficits in minerals as we reduce the potassium and sodium of our organism and this leads us to have diarrhea making it a very powerful laxative.

. Another contraindication is that it produces allergic reactions, so this consumption of the Jamaican flower reacts to our sensitivity that until now is unknown, therefore we do not get to consume this plant.

Therefore this jamaica flower plant that has great benefits like slimming, but also has effects that would harm our body, therefore we should not abuse their consumption.


The Jamaica Flower for Slimming


– one of the best tricks to lose weight is that you start eating smaller portions, because it is not necessary to serve a small portion, you also need to use a smaller plate and of course the cutlery should also be smaller, If it is necessary to eat with the handle of the spoon or the fork, this will be a challenge but that will give its good results.

– it is always necessary that you chew the food well not only to enjoy them better, but also to have a better digestion and less amount of food and you feel satiated. For this it is necessary that you eat slowly and only coke a bite or do not try to fill your mouth a lot, you have to finish one bite completely, before continuing with the other.

– At each meal it is necessary to make an intermission or a short pause, if they are eating in company and are in a pleasant conversation, remember not to speak with the full wedding. For this you have to leave the silverware on one side and do not use them while they are talking. This will allow you to get out of the rhythm and in a short time you will notice that you are already satisfied. If you’re just not hurrying to eat, eat a little and take a break, such as stop eating and walk around the kitchen or the room.

– Before starting to fully enjoy your food you have to smell it and enjoy its aroma so that you do not eat so desperately and end up eating large portions, especially your favorite dishes you have to first enjoy its smell and then start Eat slowly, although it seems a bit greasy there are many studies that have shown that this trick gives good results to eat less and lose weight quickly.

– Avoid having the table with some colors like orange or red as these are the colors that stimulate the appetite and will make you eat a greater portion of food. The best thing is that your table is seen in cold colors like the case of blue that are colors that inhibit the appetite and that will not allow you to eat large portions of food, that is why nowhere have you surely been able to see some restaurant or center Fast food that are painted blue.

– If you have to go to a meeting where there will be lots of food and special banquets where you may fall into temptation to eat unnecessary foods that are not allowed by a weight loss diet you need to use a sash in the belly area, this does not Only allows you to eat little as it adjusts the area of ​​the belly, also will allow you to look with a better figure especially if you are a woman who has a little tummy.

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