Cucumber water, apple and citrus to remove fluid and waste

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7372868-pila-de-rodajas-de-pepino-fresco-de-verde-org-nicoA recipe for flavored water to purify and detoxify your body

Flavored waters can be a great alternative for you to remove fluid and waste from the body. So if you want to debug and detoxify the body does not miss the cucumber water, apple and citrus.

Before starting a diet to lose weight it is important that you prepare your body to begin to lose fat effectively. One way is to do a cleansing diet.

In this diet you can include different drinks, for their contribution in various nutrients, it helps eliminate fluid and waste. One of these drinks is water cucumber, apple and citrus. Would you like to prepare? Well then, here’s the recipe.

Cucumber water recipe, apple and citrus

Effective cleansing to prepare this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Two liters of fresh water.
A small or medium large cucumber sliced ​​cucumber.
A small apple cut into slices.
A small orange cut into slices.
One teaspoon of grated ginger root.

The preparation is very simple, just pour the water into the blender jar. Then add slices of cucumber, apple and orange. Finally, add the grated ginger and mix well. Once ready stored in the refrigerator. If you want you can add ice before serving.

This drink cucumber, apple and orange can drink throughout the day. Note that is a great way to drink two liters of water recommended for weight loss, adding the detoxifying properties of these foods.
What properties does this preparation?

Diuretic. Its potassium content helps you stimulate diuresis. Thus, you will eliminate excess fluids and toxins. Fundamental to the success of any diet.

Intestinal stimulant. Water and in this case, flavored water, stimulates peristalsis, improving intestinal motility and transit. This effect on the intestine, also helps eliminate waste that your body does not need and whose accumulation, you only generate discomfort.

In addition to these properties, do not forget that water increases metabolism and helps burn fat faster.

If you do not like the fruit waters, you can also opt for herbal teas frost, such as red tea cold, cold ginger and tangerine tea or iced tea with lemon.

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