Dandelion infusion slimming

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29819570-DandelionA plant is diuretic and cleansing

Medicinal plants can be helpful in a diet to lose weight, as long as a complement. Dandelion is one of them, which you can drink tea assiduously to deshincharte with its diuretic effect and to debug your liver. Try it, if you have not already done so.

Dandelion is a phenomenal plant. It is that it has many properties under his belt and these can be used for different purposes. If you intend to use it as a good supplement to lose weight, it may be an excellent idea. Because of its benefits, it can help both to eliminate these liquids retained you generate swelling as well as to debug your liver and adjust their metabolism.

While it can be eaten raw in salads and smoothies also be used in this proposal is the idea of ​​preparing infusion. From the dried leaves of dandelion, you can also get all these benefits. Even if you have problems with fluid retention or want to debug your liver a little, drink it daily you can get to give a good hand to shake off those extra kilos that annoy you.


A liter of water
Four or five tablespoons of dried dandelion leaves
The juice of a lemon
No calorie sweetener to taste (stevia, etc.)

Put to boil a liter of water. As soon boil, turn off the heat. Place in the pan or a kettle leaves dandelion with water, cover and let stand for about five minutes. Strain preparation, add lemon juice and sweetened with stevia or later your no-calorie sweetener header. This is mostly because usually quite bitter, but if it bothers you can drink it as it comes.

Now, you will no longer be consumed throughout the day this infusion. You can heat it when drinking or simply drink it. The touch of lemon juice will help further debug your body, add nutrients and vitamins and alcalinzarte a little, something which never hurts to feel better.

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