Ginger remedy for weight loss

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31363548-org-nica-ginger-ale-sodio-en-un-vaso-con-lim-n-y-limaGood for digestion and fat burning

Ginger is a plant that can help you lose weight for various reasons. Beginning, it will be useful to eliminate retained liquids, to deflate the abdomen and also to stimulate the gastric metabolism, resulting a great digestive. If you also combine it with a juice that burns fat like grapefruit, the result can be good to consume the whole day, from breakfast. Try this natural remedy then.


A liter of water
A generous piece of ginger root (equivalent to between four and six tablespoons)
The juice of two grapefruit
Stevia or sweetener allowed to taste

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Place the water to boil with the ginger for about five minutes, starting from entering the boiling state. Turn off the heat, strain the preparation and add the juice of the grapefruit. Lastly, sweeten this homemade remedy with stevia or the permitted sweetener you like. Of course, not sugar or anything that adds calories.

Now, you will not have to take this remedy any more during the day. Always start with a good portion on an empty stomach. The rest can be after meals. Even if you like this drink, you can take it normally by leaving it in the refrigerator, as it works as a good refreshing (with a touch of mint, it works wonders).

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