Gotu kola, natural cellulite

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Gotu kola properties to reduce cellulite

Cellulite is a skin problem that affects especially women.

Preparation of the infusion of gotu kola for cellulite
It is quite difficult to eradicate, but through food, use of creams and exercise may attenuate. There are even natural anti-cellulite and gotu kola can help reduce it.

While there are no magic formulas to eliminate cellulite, through the consumption of certain foods and the practice of some exercise can prevent or reduce it. Also, there are some herbs that can help the body as natural cellulite; one of these plants is gotu kola.

12852462-centella-asiatica-linn-urbanGotu kola can be consumed in several ways:

On this occasion I will refer to properties that have cellulite gotu kola, especially when prepared as tea.

How does gotu kola on cellulite?

Gotu kola, also known scientific Gotu kola is a plant that contains active substances that promote blood circulation especially in the legs. Poor circulation can be a possible cause that can promote the formation of cellulite, so the gotu kola may be beneficial to control it.

Moreover, certain compounds of gotu kola stimulate the reconstruction of connective tissue and collagen. Even certain compounds have been studied as triterpenoids that have proved to be useful in cases of mild to moderate cellulite.

Preparation of the infusion of gotu kola for cellulite

For the anti-cellulite properties of gotu kola, follow these steps to prepare the infusion.

Place 1 teaspoon per cup gotu kola 200 cc of boiling water
You let stand for 10 minutes
Strain the infusion, let cool and drink
You can take this infusion up to twice a day.


Keep in mind that gotu kola is one more tool to combat cellulite, because it is a difficult problem to eradicate skin. If you begin to discover orange peel on your body resorts to a dermatologist to help you control it. Meanwhile, you can start implementing these tips.

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