Hailed light cinnamon

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9727551-cinnamonEasy to prepare and very low in calories

Do you feel like an ice cream despite the cold? Are you on a diet and want something sweet without having to walk grieving for the calories? Then do not let overlook this light cinnamon granita.

The granitas are perfect for any time of year, beyond that generally do not invite too cold to eat this kind of preparations. But those who are dieting and want to eat something sweet and tasty, because there just follow the option that they pose below.

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It is a light cinnamon granita, a mixture that it is perfect for any time of year. In winter, ice cream lovers also can enjoy hassle of this preparation, which is low in calories and perfect for anyone who likes this kind of preparations. It will not be full of chocolate dessert or anything like that, but it is a rich alternative for those who are dieting.


A cup of skim milk 0% (vegetable milk may be used)
A cinnamon stick
A little grated lemon peel
Noncaloric sweetener to taste (can be stevia)

Place in a saucepan to boil skim milk with the cinnamon stick and lemon peel. Let a boil and turn off heat. Remove the saucepan and let stand until cool to room temperature. Now, touch you strain the preparation and sweeten to taste with the sweetener of your choice for this circumstance.

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Bring the mixture to a container suitable for cold and placed in the freezer or freezer. Every 15 minutes, half an hour, do not forget to go to the refrigerator and stir the preparation. This, of course, is to take the classic texture of the granita. Otherwise, he congelerá as a block. Once you have it ready, you have no more than serve and enjoy it, not without a little sprinkle with additional cinnamon. It is a very light dessert, perfect for lovers of cool things, but good light.

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