Herbal Remedy for Liver Cleansing

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6727471-especias-y-hierbas--boldoA good trick to improve metabolism

The liver is fundamental in the health of any person for various reasons. Those who want to lose weight, can help you to do your job in the best way possible. In this way, problems such as fatty liver are avoided and its metabolic activity is strengthened. For this very reason, this home remedy containing herbs such as boldo, carqueja or camomile may be of great help.


A spoonful of shank
One tablespoon of chamomile
A spoonful of boldo
A spoonful of dry mint
A spoonful of horsetail
Two liters of water

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Bring the quart of water to a boil, and when the boil breaks, quench the fire. Add the camomile, the carqueja, the boldo, the mint and the ponytail. Cover the pan, teapot or infusion and let stand for about ten minutes. Then you simply have to strain the preparation.

Thus, you will have two liters of this herbal remedy to purify the liver, which can serve you calmly for two days. Chamomile and mint are good digestive and help you to improve your gastric state in general terms. Horsetail, for example, is good cleansing of the kidneys. Carqueja and boldo are great to promote good liver function and metabolism.

This way, you will purify your body and you will get help to get rid of those kilos you need. But, do not forget that this kind of home remedies are just an accompaniment to a diet consistent, which should always be supported by physical exercise.

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