Herbal tea to control food cravings

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The Fat Decimator System

10009877-teaA mixture of passionflower, lemon balm and orange blossom

Infusions can reach be very conducive to control food cravings. Much more if the recipe has proposed plants such as passionflower, lemon balm or orange blossom among its ingredients.

Often, anxiety is usually one of the main enemies of weight loss. It is that this arouses the desire to eat and binging end up being a kind of discharge channel, of “ground wire” to release these tensions. That is why we must keep in mind that it is good to fight and to attack such problems. And what better to do it naturally.

One of the all-natural options you have to manage anxiety is through good herbal tea. If you choose the ingredients well, you can generate a relaxing effect, perfect to combat this problem that will generate binging and makes you eat more. It is ideal even for those suffering from this kind of problems at night, as this is usually the time of the attacks ravenous refrigerator. Follow the recipe and try to see how it works.


Half a liter of water
One tablespoon of passionflower
A tablespoon of lemon balm or lemon balm
One tablespoon orange blossom
Sweetener allowed to taste

The Fat Decimator System

To start with this infusion of herbs and flowers, you just have to bring a pint of water to a boil. Once to boil, put on the kettle or Passionflower or Passiflora infusionador, lemon balm and orange blossom. then add water and let stand for ten minutes before serving. Sweeten is prepared to your liking.

You can really get to give very good results this infusion antianxiety, since all the ingredients are indicated to combat nervous states and issues of similar nature. Also, very importantly, it is a very rich, aromatic, seductive drink, which proposes a game with the senses and you will do well to keep it handy. Even in that moment when you feel you can not over anxiety and feeling just made this floral and herbal scent will generate a huge delight.

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