Herbal teas antianxiety eating

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21859815-kava-hoja-de-una-plantaWhat anxiolytic herbal tea without side effects can I have?

Anxiety is one of the primary causes of weight gain, so it is important to find alternatives, especially natural, to reduce food craving. Therefore, I will offer you different options based natural herbal tea that provide these benefits without side effects.

If there is no physical pathology, obesity can be caused by excessive consumption of daily calories. While this may seem obvious, it is not because it is necessary to establish the cause of this excessive consumption of food, especially foods high in simple sugars and fats. One of the most common causes is anxiety.

Anxiety, one of the most common causes of obesity

This is an increasingly common psychiatric illness that affects a large percentage of the population. Sometimes it develops alone and combined with other depressive states.

You may wonder what good is all this explanation. Well, although there are medications for anxiety, sometimes they cause tolerance, dependence, withdrawal (if treatment is discontinued abruptly), adverse health effects.

Thus, finding natural alternatives that can counter this anxiety about food can be very useful. One way is by drinking herbal teas anxiolytic (although it is important to clarify that many herbs contain active ingredients that act on each person in a different way).

How do the herbal teas to reduce anxiety about food?

There are two mechanisms of action:

Reduces central nervous system excitation. Certain organic substances manage to reduce nervousness and anxiety by acting directly on the CNS or central nervous system.
Improves dopamine levels. Esteneurotransmisor motivational regulating functions, among others.
Now that you know how to act herbal remedies for anxiety, I invite you to know what these teas are.

Herbal teas antianxiety eating

Hops: Hops is an anxiolytic herb containing substances such as Stigmasterol, isovaleric acid and other essential oils that provide a relaxing effect.
Valerian: Studies have shown that certain plant compounds valerian has sedative and anxiolytic effects.
Passionflower: Apparently this plant prolongs the sleep time and reduces nervousness.
Kava Kava: This plant of pepper family comes from the Pacific Islands. Consumption, through its infusion, achieves a mental relaxation.
Melissa: This well-known herb in Europe has anxiolytic effects reducing anxiety states and overwrought.
Tila: The linden is a plant of American origin that helps calm the nerves, increasing the sedative-hypnotic effect.
These are some of the plants that can help reduce anxiety naturally and to which no known major side effects on health.

Similarly, keep in mind that being medicinal plants can always have adverse effects, which depend on how they affect on the body of each person.

In general it is suggested, consume these infusions no more than 3 times a day to avoid these undesirable effects. Remember that although try to medicinal plants is advisable to consult your doctor before using.

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