Home remedies to speed up metabolism

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14002424-pimienta-sabroso-aislado-en-blancoNatural remedies to speed up metabolism

People with slow metabolism may be concerned by this condition, because it does not allow them to lose weight normally. Here’s how to use some tips and home remedies to stimulate and speed up metabolism, is not a bad idea. Be sure to know the advice you provide below.

Protein shake
Other basic tips to speed up metabolism
For people who have slow metabolism, usually they have difficulty losing weight. This is something almost logical because the metabolism is the one responsible in some part of the body burns energy. When wrong or does not work, that’s when you gain weight. When active, the more likely you are to lose weight.

In addition to following basic tips such as drinking plenty of water, sleep or exercise, you can also implement some natural remedies, which is not at all a bad idea, and they will serve in order to optimize it. No let these tips!

Here are some remedies that will help speed up metabolism.

Green tea

Green tea may be a good option to speed up metabolism. Very used within the scope of weight loss until it can even be implemented diet green tea. This tea is indicated to improve and increase metabolism of both cells and throughout the body, due to its antioxidant ingredients (flavonoids and polyphenols).

Cayenne pepper and other spicy

Containing capsaicin spicy as cayenne pepper, they are highly regarded as activators of metabolism. Spray your meal with a little cayenne pepper, eat some delicious hot peppers or jalapenos add a little to your salad.

Want to know more reasons why eat pepper can help you to work? Do not miss this video.

An apple in the afternoon

It is said that apples are usually well to activate the metabolism after three in the afternoon, which is when your pace starts to wane. They do not provide calories, are satisfying and keep the engine running. They are always a good choice to eat alone or as part of the apple diet.

Kombucha tea

Many experts recommend consuming kombucha because it activates hepatic metabolism. Therefore, it can be an excellent option to have on hand and drinking. Especially between meals, when the body needs it most.


Protein shake

Amino acids are essential in maintaining the metabolism working. So are recommended smoothies that contain such nutrients, especially if they are combined with fibers.
It is very important to consume more protein than carbohydrates. Why? It is that the body burns more calories when it has to metabolize the first than the second. For that reason, join good protein portions over flour.

Walk and drink plenty of water. First, you must make daily physical activity. At least one brisk walk for 40 minutes. Also drink plenty of water (two liters per day, at least), making several meals and eat fruit.

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