Home remedy to have the flat belly

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How to achieve a flat stomach naturally?

Among the methods used for weight loss, some home remedies for weight loss usually give good results. One thing is clear: there are no miraculous solutions and always has to be exercise or diet. But a shake as we propose can serve good to help you get the results you want.

What might be the causes of your bloated belly?

Have belly despite the diet? Do not despair! Often, to achieve a flat stomach is necessary to attack the causes of your swollen belly:

You probably do not have a good digestion and bowel movement. This is one of the most common causes of stomach.
Or maybe you have fluid retention and toxins with them. Liquids are held in different parts of your body and make you look.
And if air? Yes, air! The air is typical gases or flatulence, also take place and bulge your abdomen, making your belly look prominent.
46003076-rebanadas-de-la-pi-a-en-el-fondo-de-maderaFortunately, there are foods that are true natural remedies against these symptoms manifested openly, through your belly. Notes this home remedy to get the flat tummy. You need the following …

Cleansing recipe to deflate the abdomen


Two tablespoons of flaxseed
Medium green cucumber
Two slices of pineapple
Half a glass of water

To make this preparation just have to put all the ingredients together in a blender or blender (do not forget to remove the peel pineapple) and blend until a smooth homogeneous mix well.

Properties of the components of this remedy

Flaxseed. Its seeds are rich in fibers. Hence added to this recipe, not only satiate your appetite so you eat less, but also accelerate your intestinal transit, helping to evacuate your bowels and flatten your belly.
The cucumber. Cucumber is one of the star vegetable as a diuretic and cleanser. Rich in water, vitamins and minerals is ideal for stimulating the functioning of your kidneys, preventing fluid retention.
Pineapple. What about the pineapple? A few fruit and help you lose weight. Satiating, laxative, diuretic and as if that were not enough delicious! This recipe provides both excellent properties as its exquisite taste.

How should you take this home remedy to get the flat tummy?


The next step will be consumed daily. As recommended, the ideal is to eat twice a day: once before breakfast and once at night. The fibers of the pineapple, satiating capacity of flaxseed and cucumber diuretic help much so you can lose weight.

And you … Do you know this recipe? Did you tried and has given you good result? Do you have any doubt in your preparation? Do we want to tell your experience with it? For these questions and any other concerns relating to this article can leave a comment.

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