How should I take green tea?

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11341836-green-teaProperties of green tea to lose kilos

You know how you have to take and prepare green tea for weight loss? This article will explain everything about it, so you can enjoy this masterful infusion in all its dimensions, as it is ideal to help you lose weight. You Be sure to read the note!

Green tea has become one of the greatest allies for health in recent times, that there is no doubt. One of the properties for which it has become what it is, is because it is good for weight loss. Green tea is an agent of thermogenesis, which is commonly known as fat burning. In addition, it is a tremendous antioxidant, is a diuretic and so many other things that do not drink it virtually a completely avoidable sin.

For this reason, you just have to start preparing more often and incorporate it into your daily diet without fear. But beware, you must first consider some tips that will facilitate rather the question and make you take advantage of the properties of green tea to the fullest. Do not forget to follow these recommendations

Preparation Tips Green Tea

Not abuse heat to prepare: To prepare a perfect green tea, you have to try to infusionarlo for no more than three minutes and with the water temperature about 75-80 degrees. Green tea in boiling water is oxidized, it becomes more bitter and does not work in the best way.

You can prepare tea for the day: Calculates a spoonful of tea leaves per cup of water, about respecting the above recommendations. You can get one liter or more and keep it in a jar. You heat or cold drink. Just do it for the day, because being something fresh loses its properties over time.

It can be taken in and mixed with fruit smoothies: Cold green tea is wonderful mixed with fruit juices can also help you lose weight. Lemon, passion fruit, melon, apple … All these fruits and combine well with green tea. Try also rich shakes, like this cucumber to deflate the belly.

What formats or presentations should buy it?

You can take tablets: For those who do not like green tea or simply prefer to opt for another format to lose weight, do not hesitate to try it in tablet form. People who like infusion and the most natural things, they can spend long and continue with everyday.
Forget the tea bags and buy one good quality: While the bags or tea bags are practical, many are of very poor quality and bring undesirable levels of fluoride. For this reason, nothing like buying strands of green tea, which are not so expensive and are available in health food. Your health and quality of the products they consume must be first.

Precautions: at what time to take it and when to avoid it

It should be taken with a reasonable time after meals: Green tea can even affect iron absorption from meals. This is because tannins this drink contains. But that can be solved by drinking one hour before and / or an hour after meals.
They should take hypertensives: Unfortunately, those with high blood pressure should refrain from green tea because it contains caffeine. Self anyone who has irritability to that substance. Just in case, always know the rest of the contraindications of green tea.
If you can drink it, do it several times a day: Green tea makes good effect to lose weight when it is consumed regularly and in good quantities. A liter a day, at least, is a good way to start drinking this delicious infusion with slimming purposes.

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