How to enhance the slimming effect of tea?

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10009877-teaBenefiting from infusions to realize their full potential

Slimming teas are a very important supplement to lose weight, and you better make the most of these. To achieve this it is important to know when it is best taken to enhance their slimming effect and to make the most of them to realize their full potential.

There are many infusions with slimming properties, either because they are burning fat, diuretic, laxative, digestive or antioxidants. However, beyond its properties, it is important to know whether to take them before or after meals?

How to enhance the slimming effect of tea?

While slimming tea can drink it at any time of day, you can enhance its slimming benefits if you drink before breakfast, before lunch and dinner. Thus sumarás extra benefits.

If you decide to drink tea before meals, these are its effects

Reduces appetite. If you drink a cup of cold tea or hot 15 to 20 minutes before eating, this will reduce your appetite and increase your satiety. This habit will be reflected in reducing food intake amount and therefore calories.

It provides satiety. This property is related to the previous one. By consuming a glass of iced tea or a cup of hot tea, a series of reactions and nerve impulses that stimulate the satiety center (located in the brain), thus you eat less are triggered.

Increases metabolism. Some teas such as burning fat infusions increase metabolism, therefore when taken before eating, can accelerate combustion of nutrients in food.
If you drink the tea after dinner, these effects

It reduces the absorption of certain nutrients. The biggest disadvantage is that drinking certain teas like green tea, black tea or red tea, among others, may reduce the absorption of certain nutrients such as iron protein foods, especially animal protein-rich foods.

Satiating lose the benefit. If you take after eating the infusion, you lose the ability to reduce your appetite. While you can improve your digestion, which is an advantage; the amount of food eaten is not modified.

If you want to get drink it before, you can do 15 minutes before eating, and if you want to eat them after eating, wait another 15 minutes to avoid loss of absorption of certain minerals.

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