How to improve the results of the cleansing cures

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Ons that enhance natural diuretic and laxative

If you think that the cleansing cures are a natural alternative that can help you lose weight and eliminate toxins from the body, do not miss certain natural supplements that enhance the diuretic and laxative effects thereof.

The cleansing cures are usually natural, homemade and popular treatments that help you eliminate waste. These residues usually are those that prevent you to increase your metabolism. Hence they interfere so you can lose weight, naturally.

So if you want to increase the effectiveness of cleansing cures, you can not ignore these tips physiotherapy, favoring excretory functions of the body.

Some natural ways to improve the cleansing cures results

14215764-dos-alcachofas-en-blancoConsume diuretic and laxative teas. Complements cleansing with drinking tea cures garlic extract, white nettle, juniper and yarrow. These teas have diuretic and laxative effects, which will help to stimulate diuresis and intestinal peristalsis. Thus, you avoid constipation and water retention so typical diets.
Detoxifying vegetable juices consumed. Complements these natural treatments juice consumption artichoke or artichoke and celery soup. These plants will provide nutrients and natural compounds that remove toxic substances from your body.
Take hot baths. Complements these cleansing cures with hot tubs and sauna. You can take these baths in the morning and / or evening. You’ll see have a stimulating effect on your body, which will help eliminate toxins from the body.
Take a bath with pine needles. The pine needles have the effect of enhancing the qualifying and purifying processes. Thus, you will contribute further to detoxify your body.
Apply massage after a session of gentle exercise. These massages will help to improve the results of the cleansing cures, especially if they are massaged nodes.

Moreover, many cleansing cures that can improve and increase your metabolism, but among the most popular highlights the lemon cure, Tibetan garlic cure, cure melon, among others.

All these priests share the cleansing and detoxifying properties of certain foods that act on the body, stimulating the elimination of waste and substances that interfere certain purifying processes. , In addition to any of these cleansing cures, however you can increase your detoxifying complementing some of these suggestions.

Keep in mind that, because of its purifying effect, certain secondary and side effects may occur, such as low blood pressure, fatigue and fatigue, among other undesirable effects you may experience.

Moreover, these cleansing cures are contraindicated in some cases, for example, if you suffer from diverticulitis, irritable bowel stage suffer from diarrhea or other inflammatory bowel diseases. In this case, consult your doctor before doing this kind of cures.

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