How to prepare an infusion of sage and lemon

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39288837-clusters-con-los-brotes-florales-de-aloeGood remedy for slimming and deflate the belly

Everyone usually choose to drink sap syrup and lemon for weight loss. But you can also use an infusion of sage and lemon, something that is different. Simply follow the recipe to meet her.

No, it is not that traditional recipe that many people have ever tried to lose weight, the cure sap syrup and lemon for weight loss. It is an infusion of sage and lemon, also for weight loss, but with other different properties that other preparation above.

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This remedy is a good deshinchante, a remedy to cleanse the body, debug from his blood, through his liver and thus help you lose weight. The digestive properties of sage with lemon combined with other ingredients and more in this natural trick to lose weight. Do you dare to try?


A liter of water
A bunch of fresh sage
Two lemons
One tablespoon of chamomile
Sweetener allowed to taste

Put to boil a liter of water in a saucepan, with sage, chamomile and lemons, which previously you you’ve extracted the juice. Once a boil, turn off the heat, cover the pan and let stand for ten minutes before straining the home remedy. Let cool, add the lemon juice and sweetened with a noncaloric product to your liking. Also, of course. You can skip this step.

Now you will no longer be consumed throughout the day this infusion of sage and lemon deshincharte, eliminate retained liquids, activate your digestion positively and also to cleanse your body in general. Chamomile will do very well to deflate your stomach, sage also help. And you know the properties of lemon, perhaps one of the best scrubbers that exist for the organism.

If you want, you can try consuming this home remedy for a week or two, always accompanied by diet and exercise, something that will increase your chances of losing weight. A cup before breakfast and another after meals may be the right measure.

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