How to recover your figure after giving birth?

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Home remedies for stretch marks

stretch marks

I am 20 years old and had a drink and the truth is that my baby is 7 months and I still can not RECOVER my previous form, would like to see if you can give me a solution to my problem or a home remedy to lose weight, thanks
Posted by brigitte

Hello Brigitte, above all be patient and do not doubt that your problem has a solution, you have going for you age. You’re very young, so it will be much easier than your tissues more responsive to treatment. If you’re worried about stretch marks, there are many tricks and home remedies for stretch marks that will help attenuate gradually and even to erase almost completely, because your skin to have a few years, it is likely to retain a large capacity regeneration.

5508447-una-mujer-embarazada-tiene-el-abdomen-y-las-estr-as-muestra-evidente-en-su-vientreAs you lose weight, you will find many diets to lose weight in this blog, but try to be prudent. Do not submit to an overly restrictive diet, as your baby needs you with energy and mainly with good humor. You can check items related to weight loss after pregnancy, that will give you the tips and recommendations that you need.

Moreover, if you can, try to take advantage of the afternoon sun for a walk with your baby. Walking is good exercise and the sun is very important for both, because it is necessary in the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for strong, healthy bones. Thus, not only you will achieve weight loss more easily, but will be contributing to your health and your baby.

Exercise to lose weight in infancy

type of exercise for an infant

Hello, my son is 7 months and although I have regained the weight they had before, I do not like the way my body has. I’ve been wide waist and my legs, abdomen and flabby arms. What kind of exercises I can do to regain the form he had? I will continue giving breast until it is a problem? Thank you.
Sent by Freedom simone
Hello Freedom: Exercise is an important and effective tool to model your body.

If you have accumulated fat through strength and toning exercises, you will have the opportunity to shape your body again.

Wide waist is the product of a few extra kilos that you may have, so you should adjust your diet trying to reduce as far as you can foods high in sugar and refined flour. It has to stay clear for modeling exercise is good for weight loss. Therefore, if you see that your waist is as usual, it is not the fault of the exercises that you do, but food you eat.

In legs you should concentrate your efforts on basic exercises that work the large muscles such as the thighs and buttocks

The arms have to work with dumbbells 1 or 2 kilos or objects with similar weight if you exercise at home. You also need to perform three sets, but the repeats may be between 8 and 12.

I hope I’ve helped.
A greeting.

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