Indian Walnut for Weight Loss: Danger or Miracle?

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12008831-weigt-lossThe Dangers in Using Indian Walnut to Lose Weight

The world of weight loss products is getting wider, whether within the natural spectrum or in the industrial spectrum. Within the first group, the appearance of the Indian nut meant a kind of boom inside the plant lovers. Its properties for slimming would be really remarkable, helping to burn fat and many more things. But also the voices began to rise against, counting the great amount of problems that their consumption would have brought them.

On the one hand, the properties of the Indian nut would be laxative, depurative, diuretic and satiating. All, little more, little less, wonderful to lose weight. But, also, perhaps the starting point of its adverse effects. Just read the threads of comments from any publication about it to see the cases where the consumption of this plant caused important health problems.

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At least, this personally said, this writer never saw as many negative comments or related contraindications in a home remedy to lose weight as it has happened with the nut of India. And this is, at least, suspicious. It is not at all strange that many people are scared to see the things that are written of this plant: vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, blood pressure drops, among others. But, until there is scientific research to prove it, this product can not be considered as little less than a poison.

Having so many plants and natural herbs that can be a great help to lose weight without going into so much risk, do you need to try with the nut of India? Is this another myth within the plants to lose weight? A toxic and dangerous remedy that should be banned in the market? One of the most notable natural tricks of late to lose weight? The answer lies in each and in the experiences you have had in using it.

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And you … What experiences did you have with the nut of India? Did it give you results or do you think it’s a fiasco? Did you have adverse effects on the body? You only have to tell it in the comments.

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