Infusion of anise flower of Jamaica and slimming

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51857453-flor-de-jamaica-para-el-t-helado-de-hierbas-de-hibisco-bebidas-mexicanasA preparation diuretic to prevent fluid retention

Prepare an infusion of anise flower of Jamaica and slimming can become a very interesting idea if you want to lose weight by eliminating retained liquids. You can try the recipe proposed in this article.

Diuretics to lose weight should be used only in cases where a person suffers from fluid retention. If you really do not have it, all you get is to eliminate more fluids in your body, you will feel more deflated, but really not achieve lose fat is really what you need to shake off.

Those who do need to put some activity to your kidneys and cleanse your body in a good way or simply those who want to take this infusion from time to time, whether they will be able to benefit from it. It is a mixture of flower of Jamaica, anise and additional touches that will give more flavor and properties to this preparation. Simply follow the steps of this natural diuretic, which also has an excellent flavor.


A liter of water
About 40 grams of Jamaica or hibiscus flower
One tablespoon of seeds of star anise
The skin of an orange
Media cinnamon stick

Put to boil a liter of water. As soon as it is to break the boil and to boil, turn off the heat. The idea is to follow the infusion process and therefore does not correspond to boil preparation. Add, now, anise seeds, Jamaica flower and orange peel, plus cinnamon stick. Cover the pan, let it rest for about ten minutes and then strain the preparation. So be ready this drink, which will be like with reddish tints and very aromatic.

Thus, in the same preparation have two well diuretics such as Jamaica flower and star anise ingredients. Also accompanying cinnamon, good to burn fat. Cellulitis also offers its benefits, and that delicious aroma that will bring the preparation. Come on, that when something besides healthy is tasty, becomes much easier to be consumed.

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