Juice of radishes and eggplant against the extra kilos

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6765025-mont-n-de-berenjenas-org-nicos-que-se-vende-en-un-puesto-del-mercadoLaxative juice the stomach swelling

Although the eggplant has created a diet to lose weight, you can also take advantage of its slimming virtues in a juice, in that you can combine it with another vegetable like radishes. Radish besides being a natural laxative, helps counteract the stomach swelling.

Radish is an ideal food for dieting, as it not only has a laxative effect that stimulates the intestine, but also has other properties that favor weight loss, such as its diuretic effect.

These benefits allow you to lose weight and reduce stomach swelling. If you combine this food with another such as the eggplant, you can prepare a juice with special properties against the extra kilos.

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Juice of radishes and eggplant

To prepare this juice you just have to wash and cut 2 radishes, half aubergine, the juice of a lemon, 5 green grapes and a slice of pineapple. Once you have all the ingredients, put them in a processor and liquefy.
This juice can drink it 4 times throughout the day.

Even this juice, besides the radishes and the eggplant, owns other foods that also slimming properties, like the lemon, the pineapple and the grapes.

Likewise, eggplant is a vegetable from which both a diet and a special recipe of eggplant water for weight loss were designed.

This juice, in addition to helping you lose weight, can give you other benefits such as lowering blood pressure and lowering cholesterol.

It is a tasty juice, fresh and very healthy, do not miss all its benefits!

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