Juice to combat constipation in overweight

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10827097-cinco-vegetales-verdes-y-frutas-manzana-mel-n-amargo-pimienta-apio-pepinoLemon, papaya, tuna and celery to cleanse the colon

One of the complications that can accompany overweight is constipation. Therefore, if you feel that constipation has become a problem and do not know how to fight, you can have on hand a natural recipe for lemon juice, prickly pear, papaya and celery to cleanse the colon.

When the intestinal transit is not adequate, constipation or constipation (less than 4 bowel movements in a week) occurs. While this can happen in both thin people as obese, this is usually a complication associated with chronic overweight.

Although constipation can also cause weight gain. Moreover, it is important to know that chronic constipation can cause other complications such as hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

So if you suffer from constipation and do not know how to fight, you brindaré a natural and easy recipe to prepare fruit and vegetables.

Recipe orange juice, prickly pear and celery


1 stalk clean tuna.
2 lemons.
2 slices of papaya shelled or skin.
1 stalk celery whole (with stalk and leaves)

Thoroughly clean the tuna and cut into squares.
Cut the lemon into quarters and papaya into small pieces, as well as celery.
Once you have all the ingredients ready, place them in a blender and process until all food is well integrated.
This juice to combat constipation, you can drink it on an empty stomach or at breakfast so that its effect is greater. If you want and it’s hot, you can add ice. If for some reason you can not get replace papaya peach.

The idea is that with fruits and vegetables you have on hand can prepare smoothies and juices with properties to cleanse the colon and improve intestinal transit.

Both vegetables and fruits have laxative properties, depurarte and detoxifying. Therefore, advantage, add fiber to your diet.

Keep in mind that if you suffer from irritable colon and you’re on stage constipation is important that you cook celery and tuna or other vegetable you consume to avoid pain and bowel irritation. You can even try tolerance, consuming for the first week this juice diluted in water (50% juice and 50% water), as the days pass and you do not have pain, can increase the proportion of juice to 75%. If you tolerate well, in a few days you can consume the juice without water.

Remember that constipation is a disease that must be treated, so be sure to consult your doctor.

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