Juniper, a natural diuretic

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39491829-hombre-gordo-dormir-en-el-sof-y-que-sostiene-el-control-remoto-de-la-televisi-nNatural Remedy to Reduce Tummy

Although to treat the overweight or obesity is necessary to realize a dietary and medical treatment, certain medicinal plants like the juniper, can be useful to help the organism to be cleaned and to lose some weight. One way to eliminate toxins from the body is to stimulate diuresis through a natural diuretic. Therefore, in this note you will find more information about juniper, a natural remedy to reduce tummy.

There are many medicinal plants with diuretic properties, but in juniper you can find a natural diuretic remedy to reduce the tummy and lose a few extra kilos.

The juniper plant contains flavonoids, potassium and magnesium, all organic and natural substances, which stimulate the kidney to produce urine, and thus remove excess fluids from the body. On the other hand, this plant also contains essential acids that stimulate diuresis, helping to reduce the tummy.

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Sometimes, fluid retention is responsible for having a few extra pounds, especially in women. Therefore, diuretic plants like juniper is a natural and effective supplement to fight against being overweight.

To achieve these benefits you can drink 3 cups of juniper tea per day. Remember that, although its properties and benefits are many, it can have certain adverse effects, especially if you suffer from hypotension, or are taking medications for hypertension.

Therefore, before drinking the juniper tea do not stop consulting the doctor, to obtain all its benefits and avoid the adverse effects.

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