Lemonade light of carrot and cucumber

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Refreshing and low calorie drink

With the arrival of summer heat, it is important to have on hand drink recipes that are light and refreshing but low in calories. If you want to savor a tasty lemonade, do not miss this recipe for carrot and cucumber lemonade.

If you want to diet you should know different foods, you can combine to provide fewer calories and will also provide other benefits for weight loss.

With these foods you can prepare meals and drinks, whether shakes, juices, cocktails or soft drinks.
This time, in this article you will find a low calorie recipe, such as lemonade light carrot and cucumber.

Makes 2 servings.


1 medium lemon
4 carrots
1 apple
1 cucumber
A small piece of ginger

Clean and peel fruits and vegetables and place them all, precut, in a processor or juicer.
Process the ingredients and pour into glass.
Besides being a refreshing and light ideal for spring-summer drink. This gives you lemonade properties of food within it.

The carrot provides antioxidants such as carotenes and fiber.
The apple provides fiber and vitamins.

Cucumber provides fiber and minerals that favor the elimination of liquids.
Ginger provides natural antioxidants.

This lemonade is an antioxidant beverage rich in fiber, which not only can help you lose weight (as it provides few calories and principles that purify the body), but is also nutritious and healthy.

When you think of diet must think not only lose weight quickly, you should think about your health. For that you have a balanced diet that contains mostly carbohydrates (50% to 60% of total calories), protein (between 15-20%) and mostly healthy fats (about 30%).

Why is it important to lose weight in a healthy way? To prevent other health problems and to treat the complications of obesity.

By losing weight, you prevent or treat other diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol and other health problems associated.

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