Liquid that cleans the liver and regulates intestinal transit

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9339060-dulce-tamarindo-sobre-un-fondo-blancoTamarind pulp, celery and apple for constipation and more kilos

The liver is very important to help cleanse the body organ. Moreover, constipation can add extra kilos. If this is your situation, nothing beats eating a smoothie tamarind pulp, celery and apple. This drink has the ability to cleanse the liver and regulate intestinal transit.

There are certain fruits and vegetables for their properties can be combined in a smoothie, and help cleanse the liver and regulate intestinal transit. So I invite you to combine tamarind pulp, celery and apple, three foods that will help eliminate toxins from the body.

Before showing you the prescription is important to know the properties of these foods.

Properties of vegetables and fruits that are part of this liquefied

Tamarindo is one of the fruits that brings organic substances brings mild laxative benefit, with the advantage that it does not cause pain or cramping. Moreover, tamarind has polyphenols regulating blood lipids and protect the liver, helping to treat fatty liver.
Apple: is a fruit that in addition to providing insoluble fiber, provides pectin also help to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. Apple has magnesium cleanses the liver and gallbladder, and thus helps stimulate intestinal transit.
Celery: Celery is a purifying plant, as it detoxifies both the intestine and kidney, removing body fluids.
Now that you know the properties, you can combine them into a smoothie tasty.

Smoothie recipe tamarind, celery and apple

30 g of tamarind.
A green apple.
A cup of celery sticks.
Water with lime, enough.

Cut half into quarters.
Place tamarind, apple and celery sticks in a food processor.
Pour water with lemon according to your taste.
Process until you get a good mix.

When consuming this liquid?

This liquid can drink before or during breakfast, during 7-15 days. If you want to continue consuming, resting a week and take it back.

If you suffer from fatty liver and suffer from constipation this natural remedy can help to treat it naturally. In addition it will serve to lose weight.

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