Low calorie salad of cucumber and sesame

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7372868-pila-de-rodajas-de-pepino-fresco-de-verde-org-nicoA delicious light, oriental and perfect recipe to accompany meals

You want a rich, easy support and that does not provide a lot of calories to your diet? Then this cucumber salad and sesame is right for you. You just have to read the article and learn how to prepare this traditional oriental salad, light, everywhere you look.

Cucumber is one of those vegetables that arouse passions. There are those who hate it, as has its unique and diehard fans. It is true that is a vegetable with excellent properties, which is a great ally in the diet to lose weight and also well prepared, can be rich.

One of the variants that can implement simple salad is a light oriental overtones, where it is combined with toasted sesame seeds, a touch of seaweed and some details that end up becoming an excellent option for those who are dieting. Low calorie, fast and long enough so that you do not have that cucumber all day repeating it, if you follow the advice indicated. Anyway, let not try this delicious salad of cucumber and sesame.

Data from the recipe:

Number of servings: Two
Calories per serving: 85
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 20 minutes

A cucumber
A handful of hydrated algae
A touch of the green part of scallions
One tablespoon of sesame seeds
½ teaspoon sesame oil
Half teaspoon soy sauce

Start by cutting the cucumber into thin slices, if possible with a mandoline or a very sharp knife. You can do it on wheels, as in longitudinal strips.
Rub cucumber with salt, preferably marine and fat. Place in a bowl and take 10 minutes to the refrigerator.

Removes excess fluid cucumber to avoid being struck so heavy and repetitive, one of the major disadvantages of this plant nobleman.
Place cucumber and liquid and dry in a salad bowl, add the previously hydrated and tender algae, the touch of minced chives and sesame seeds (toasted previously, because its flavor is multiplied by quantity when you give a touch of pan previously) .
Season with soy sauce and sesame oil (has tremendous flavor and give a more oriental touch yet). If you want a bittersweet touch, add a teaspoon of honey, but you’ll earn you extra calories.
The last step will be to let stand this salad in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before serving to allow flavors question make friends with each other without problems.
Now, you will no longer serve this fresh, light and with a unique flavor that will take you to the Far East salad. And virtually go unnoticed among your daily caloric distribution.
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What brings me this recipe and what can I use it?

Cucumber is great, as it is diuretic, tonic, provides liquid and it never hurts to take this into account for your diet. Algae are always good, as well as seeds. Sesame oil is perfect for a recipe like this; also officiates soy sauce flavor highlighter, moisturizer recipe and does not provide significant amounts of calories.
Some boiled rice will complement wonders for this salad, if you want something light. You can even add some sauteed tofu. If you want to pair with fish or chicken, mainly prepared on the grill, you will also be wonderfully well, forming an ideal place for light eating right combo.

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