Medicinal properties of parsley slimming

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9894543-verde-de-perejilDifferent ways to include in your diet parsley

A herb can be beneficial to your health? Well, the answer is yes. They are known the medicinal properties of parsley to lose weight.

Thanks to the components of this herb, you can enjoy the benefits of parsley to lose weight. And when the test it thinks commas in this case, simple is synonymous full.

Composition of parsley

Parsley is an herb that is mainly used as an aromatic condiment for different preparations. Its chemical composition is responsible for the benefits of parsley to lose weight, its components are:

Licina (essential amino acid).
Vitamin C.
Vitamin E.
Pro carotene, a precursor of vitamin A.
Essential oils as apiol and miristicina among others.
Flavonoids, parsley essential to consider an excellent antioxidant.
Iron, among others.

What are the properties of parsley to lose weight?

Due to their chemical composition, parsley has several properties that help improve digestion, eliminate fluid retention and treat dyslipidemia.

It is diuretic, thanks to apiol containing.
It is purifying.
It helps lower cholesterol.
It helps lower triglycerides.
It helps eliminate gas, desinflamando belly.
It is digestive.
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Ways to consume parsley

You can enjoy all the medicinal properties of parsley to lose weight by consuming differently.


You can take it alone or mixed with other vegetables such as celery, carrots, fennel, or any other vegetable that you like. You can, if you wish to consume two glasses a day parsley juice.

Option 1
Process half cup of cubed cantaloupe half cup pineapple cubes, a bunch of parsley 20 grams and grapefruit juice.
Add water if necessary. If you want sweetened with stevia.
Drink fasting.

Option 2
Blend a cucumber, 250 grams of cabbage and a handful of parsley.
If you want to add a teaspoon of chia seeds.
Consume in the morning at breakfast.

Option 3
Place in the bowl of the food processor, 2 kiwis, 3 stalks celery, a sprig of parsley, a cup of orange juice and some ice cubes.
Processed and sweetened with stevia, if desired.
Drink at any time of day, to satiate your appetite.

Option 4
Blend 1 cup strawberries 1 orange, 1 bunch parsley and 1 teaspoon pollen.
Consume fasting.

You can take 2 or 3 cups of parsley tea daily. If you want to know how to prepare an infusion of parsley, follow this recipe.

30 g parsley leaves
1 liter of water

Place the parsley in boiling water, with the flame off.
Let stand 5 to 10 minutes in covered container
Strain before drinking.
Take cold or hot before breakfast, lunch and dinner, for 2 weeks
Precautions before taking infusions of parsley, learn about contraindications, as well as on their potential side effects, to avoid complications.

This note presents a different alternative, only you have the choice. Do not forget that your doctor is there to help, please consult.

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