Passionflower and basil infusion to reduce anxiety

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42411358-albahaca-fresca-deja-aislada-sobre-fondo-blancoTea to calm nerves and stop eating

One of the main causes of weight gain is anxiety. It is therefore important to lay hold of some home remedies to help you calm your nerves and stop eating, such as passionflower and basil infusion if you need to lose weight.

While there are many causes that can cause weight gain, anxiety is one of the most important causes. This can not only cause overweight, but can provoke increased irritability and anxiety; which would stagger the progress we have made so far.

Therefore, beyond you have at hand an emergency kit to reduce cravings for food, herbal teas are an excellent resource to calm nerves and stop overeating; and a good example is the infusion of passion flower and basil.

How to prepare tea passionflower and basil?


1 teaspoon dried basil leaves.
1 teaspoon dried leaves of passionflower.
1 cup boiling water.
To prepare this infusion you only need to add these herbs in water, you let it sit for 10 minutes, schools and is ready to drink.

This infusion is suggested drinking 2 to 3 times a day. You can consume a cup before going to bed and the other two, when you feel that anxiety is playing tricks.

While basil as Passiflora are plants with properties that reduce anxiety and reduce the effects of nerve on the digestive system when its positive effects antianxiety mixtures increases.

In addition to this tea, you can also dip into other infusions to reduce anxiety, such as linden, valerian or hops.

Overall infusions to calm nerves can be very useful, if you drink in a diet to lose weight. In this way you will get the best results.

Please note that if you feel that anxiety is winning, you may need to consult your doctor so that together find ways to control it.

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