Peach juice to lose weight

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16329959-melocot-n-maduro-aislado-en-el-fondo-blanco-recorte (1)Rich in fiber and diuretic properties

The peach is a fruit that can be a good aid to lose weight. You can use it in the form of juice, taking it for example in your breakfasts. The key here, beyond the slimming properties of this fruit, are also the elements that complement it. Just follow the recipe to try this delicious light juice, perfect for your diet.


The juice of six peaches
A generous slice of melon
Half cucumber
A spoonful of wheat bran
The juice of half a lemon

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Remove the bones from the peaches and get their juice through an extractor. If you do not have this device, use the shake. Once you have the juice ready, place it in the glass of a blender, adding melon, cucumber, lemon juice and wheat bran. Beat until the ingredients are completely integrated with each other.

Now, you will not have to sweeten up with your favorite product (to taste and optional) and then drink. It is great for breakfast as it will help you to purify your body through the fiber that has this juice, but also great diuretic properties in melon or cucumber. You should not put it aside if you like this combination.

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