Properties of acai berry to lose weight

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26223694-BlueberryAntioxidant, energizing, diuretic and depurative

The acai berry, also known plain and simple as açaí in Brazil (one of the places where this berry is mainly produced), is a fruit that has become very popular in recent times due to its properties. Those who want to lose weight can also get a share of it, since its benefits in that sense are several. Do you want to meet them? You just have to read the article.

These are the main properties of acai berry to lose weight:
Depurative: By containing fiber, acai berry is very indicated as a cleanser, as this helps to eliminate fats and also, of course, to deflate, eliminating feces more easily.
Diuretic: It also brings benefits for all those who need to eliminate retained liquids, since the acai berry has a gentle direética action.

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Antioxidant and energetic: Without a doubt, to become a great antioxidant is his first property and that is why the acai berry became famous. In addition, it offers many energies, so it is great to start the day in the best way.
How to use it ?: In its fruit format, it can be used at breakfast, in a smoothie, in juice, etc. In the form of dried fruit, likewise, or mixed with yogurt at breakfast. There are also capsules, supplements and extracts of this berry.

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