Properties of seawater weight loss

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35249995-seawater The benefits of this water, perfect to eliminate toxins

Drink salt seawater would have good properties slimming and interesting benefits for the body in general. You can elaborate on their qualities in this article Mentxu da Vinci.

Seawater has extraordinary therapeutic qualities known since ancient Greece. This contains all essential for life, in the same proportion as your body needs and bioavailable way (quality so you can easily absorb, if you find yourself in lack) minerals.

therapeutic properties of seawater:

Bactericide: Contribute the removal of pathogenic bacteria and benefits the growth of healthy bacteria in the body.
Restores cell balance: Provides proper nutrition and stimulate cell metabolism and function.
It facilitates the improvement of skin, allergic, respiratory, rheumatic, digestive pathologies.
Thanks to its alkaline pH, helps to balance the tendency to acidity of your body in cases of poor diet.
It helps eliminate toxins.
It facilitates muscle recovery after exercise, thanks to its sodium content.
Rejuvenate: Slows the aging process.
It helps soothe anxiety thanks to its magnesium content.
Why it helps you lose weight seawater?

Thanks to its trace elements and the qualities described above, high-grade improvement in the functioning of your body. In terms of nutrition, energy production, waste disposal, to strengthen your health, your body will tend to eliminate what is left over you.
To feel more nourished cellularly you not have hunger pangs cell due to malnutrition (eating poorly or inadequately).
And, as has been said, it reduces the physical causes of anxiety.

The daily dose in cases of people without any pathology would be in a glass of water from the usual, made with parts of seawater five parts water of low mineralization.
Where to find it?

You can pick it up directly from the sea (elementary dear Watson!), and filter through a fine strainer cloth before use.
It is not advisable to store the sun.
You can also pay for it and find it in herbodietéticas and pharmacies, although it is recommended that if you really want to notice the benefits, use water collected directly from the sea. Like everything else, the fewer intermediaries, the better.

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