Red tea drink and fruits to lose weight in Christmas

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Christmas and holidays are coming. We already know that for those who want to lose weight without breaking the diet, it is quite complicated, a time when sosobras begin. Anyway, well you can try some recipes that are “fit for everyone”. Thus, you will surprise your own and strangers, having at the table things that you can enjoy without guilt and that will even do you good to lose weight. Try this red tea and fruit drink, perfect for dessert or as a soda.

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A liter of red tea
Half a cup of melon
Half a cup of pineapple
A peach
Some strawberries
Half a liter of orange juice
Stevia or calorie-free sweetener to taste

Prepare the liter of red tea and allow it to temper at room temperature. In a large bowl, place the melon cut into cubes, the pineapple in the same way and also the peach. These fruits will give you a lot of flavor. Incorporate the strawberries well clean, cut in half. Add tea to that bowl, orange juice (natural) and if desired, sweeten to taste.

Now you will not have to carry this kind of red tea Christmas punch to the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Thus, the flavors will be fully integrated. This way, you will have list a drink that helps you lose weight, which is healthy and is very tasty. Did you want anything else? Come on, it’s perfect for the Christmas table.

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